August 22, 2002
A-Cleaning We Will Go!

I think I spent the whole day cleaning.

Yes, literally. We are doing a major move on our floor, restructuring the entire layout of IT. And as a part of it, we have been tasked with cleaning everything out and throwing out every bit of unnecessary crap that we can.

To this end, I spent the day going through my desk and my bookshelves and reorganizing it all and throwing tons and tons of stuff out. I almost filled up a big trash bin all by myself.

I also started my actual move. I started cleaning things off my desk and moving things over to the new desk (which is smaller than my old pod *grumbles*).

In the long run, lack of space aside, I'm REALLY looking forward to this move. AppDev is moving over closer to the windows, and we're getting a set of high walls as a noise break. Its going to be much nicer, and allow us a measure of peace and quiet.

We determined a long time ago that Developers are aliens, when compared to the rest of IT.

Basically, IT is comprised of AppDev (we develop in Notes, Informix, web, etc, plus our Informix DBA), Network Infrastructure (WAN and Telecomm), Desktop Services (Help Desk & Setup), Server Admin, Business Analysis, and Management Services (contracts & special projects).

Of these, Management Services is quiet, as are we. And we really need good heads down let me forget about the rest of the world and get into a coding fugue and get my project done time. But the rest of IT is by nature chaotic and noisy and talks and then stops and blows of steam and is well, interruptive.

Its come up a lot. I'm really hoping that this move will be really good for us, and really good for the rest of IT because we'll certainly be a lot happier and much less likely to get all snappish about the noise. Thus bringing better relationships all around.

The move has already begun, and will be completed by the end of next week. I'm glad its done before I am out on vacation.

But right now, that means I'm exhausted. Bend & stretch & lift & carry all day. Whee! But my part will soon be done.

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