August 22, 2002
Book Review -- Season of Sacrifice

Season of Sacrifice
by Mindy L. Klasky
paperback, from ROC, 2002

I picked up this new book by Mindy because I am utterly in love with her Glasswright's series. I really like her writing, and the way her characters have faults, but seem real -- they don't superficially overcome the faults, nor wallow in them.

This book is no exception.

Possible spoilers ahead...

The book begins with the kidnapping of twin children from the People, from a place where their lives are very different than that of those in the rest of the world. The customs are different, and certainly, their religion is different, worshipping the Great Tree.

And Alana Woodsinger is the one who can speak to the Tree, and use the Bavins the Tree creates to reach through to her people. But there are things she does not know... skills which are long lost... which she must rediscover as things go from bad to worse.

One of the children has a Bavin, and through that she watches and sees what happens to them, and tries to direct them. And one of the rescue party has a Bavin as well, and through that she tries her best to aid them, despite the failings of humanity. And when she cannot help them from afar, she rides to their aid.

This story is one about people. It is about the fears, and about what people will do to get what they want. And it is about growth and change, and the acceptance of that change. Each of the adults shifts and changes throughout the story, growing and sacrificing in order to get what they want.

I really enjoyed this book. I found it readable, and fast paced. There are parts that are difficult to get through -- including the treatment of the kidnapped twins -- but in the end, it was very much worth it. Of course, I don't pull back from dark writing, so it didn't deter me, either. But there are those that might find it difficult to read.

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