August 24, 2002
Happy Annivesary

Today is my sixth wedding anniversary.

No, nothing incredible is planned. We've been married six years, together for eleven, and we have two children under the age of five. There isn't really a great chance for romance here. *smiles*

We did have our quality time last night, after we managed to get the kids into bed. Today is a lazy day. We'd planned to go to the little carnival that's come into the old schoolyard across the street, but its raining, so that's been put off until tomorrow. Instead, I am watching my Tivo of "Ring of Endless Light" so that we can then take the Tivo back again.

Yes, the Tivo is broken, in exactly the same way, again. So we're taking it back today, and Kevin is going to insist on a replacement unit. They had it for three weeks last time, and I refuse to give it up for another three this time. It means we're paying for a service we aren't getting any use out of. And that it has broken the exact same way is ridiculous and points to a deeper problem. But I'm going to let Kevin argue it out. I just tend to get stubborn and bitchy at times like these.

Now, the movie I'm watching... The Disney CHannel original movie of the week is a Madeline L'Engle book, and I've been really waiting to see this. I love the Austin books, and I adore Vicky. And I'm finding the movie to be well, fun, and pretty much like any Disney movie. I'm glad I taped it, and I sort of wish I were dumping it to video so we could keep it. With any luck they'll put it out on DVD sometime, but then again, its Disney, so who knows. And I don't know what rights were given, either.

Anyway, I guess its just going to be a quiet day. A lot of cleaning -- its time to start preparing for Ryan's baptism, even though that's a few weeks away. We'll need to keep it clean until then, but if we do a little each weekend hopefully we'll be ready when the time comes! It seems like such a huge project, and it just keeps getting worse. But that's just life. *shrugs*

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