August 24, 2002
Where Has All the Time Gone?

Meeting Celia via Rob, and seeing her jewelry site, made me really long for some of the things I used to do, once upon a time.

Before I was pregnant with Danielle, I made jewelry. It began as a lark, when I was in graduate school, and my mom was starting to make her jewelry. She makes the neatest things, with small crocheted and stiffened things -- all very different, some snowflakes, some spheres, spiderwebs... really neat. And I picked up the beads and wire and started having fun just twisting and playing and making things. I then went on to do it for the next 6 years or so after that.

But when I got pregnant, my hands swelled up something awful. I could hardly move my hands comfortably, and certainly couldn't type. Nor handle needle-nose pliers. So I simply stopped.

The thing is, the jewelry habit had been sort of self-feeding. When I didn't use the profits to pay bills (which did happen). I made the jewelry and took it to SF cons and put it into the art show there. If I was lucky, enough pieces would sell that I could turn back into more supplies again. But now that its been years, I'd need to just about start over. I'm out of wire, and out of all the other findings like jump rings, small metal beads. I've still got some semi-precious stones, which are way cool. But my supplies are really missing a lot of the basics. So getting started again would likely be costly.

But it used to be very therapeutic. I did some really big pieces, and I really enjoyed just sitting there in front of the TV or while gaming and putting something together and watching it take shape and become something beautiful.

I think one of my favorites was the commission I made for a woman who wanted a headpiece for her wedding. I still have the pictures... it turned out lovely, and matched her gown beautifully. *happy sighs*

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