August 25, 2002
Book Review -- Living Dead in Dallas

I'm jumping the gun in my reading order to review this one. But since I borrowed it from my mom I want to make sure I can return it next time I see her! *smiles*

Living Dead in Dallas
by Charlaine Harris
paperback, from ACE Fantasy 2002

This is the sequel to Dead Until Dark, also starring Sookie Stackhouse, Sam (her bartender boss) and Bill the Vampire (her boyfriend). Once again, I found this southern mystery series to be a highly entertaining and quick read.

After Dead Until Dark I heard comparison's between Charlaine Harris' novel and Laurel Hamilton's Anita Blake series. At the time, I totally discounted it. Now, with the second novel, I *can* see the comparison more clearly. This does not mean that Sookie is an Anita Blake carbon copy -- far from it. Just that there *is* indeed a similar flavor, especially in the way that Sookie attracts interest from males, and falls into the strangest bits and pieces of relationships.

Harris' world is one in which Vampires recently came out of the closet to live among the mortals. They survive on synthetic blood, and are trying to reintegrate themselves into society. Or at least, most of them are. Of course, this means that there is the occasional cult that believes that vampires are evil and should be eradicated...

And vampires aren't the only supernaturals. In the first novel we met a shapechanger, and of course, Sookie herself, who isn't entirely human. She is telepathic, and to her, the silence of Bill's mind is a refreshing change.

In this novel, Eric, the sort of head vampire of the area, is loaning Sookie out to Dallas to help the vampires there. It is her first assignment, and Bill goes with her to protect her. And she *needs* it. Watching her go through her assignment, meet another telepath for the first time (I *hope* he comes back again in another novel), and deal with her interactions with all of the men in her life, is enjoyable and intriguing. And its a quick read, which right now, is a high recommendation for me -- I don't have the mental capacity to really THINK when I read these days.

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