August 25, 2002
Bizarre Garden

Okay, many many weeks ago Priscilla gave me about a dozen heirloom tomato seedlings. I planted them all, and oh, about half of them really took off in their pots. Maybe fewer. But now, all of a sudden, the ones that have just sat there, staring at me but not dying, have started to grow! There is new growth on almost every tomato plant!!

Plus, the mystery tomato is starting to ripen. I'm not sure what color its going to be (its yellowing and turning faintly orange so far, so it might be a normal red). This is the seedling I found on the edge of my garden and planted, wondering who had tried to wander off with it and then dropped it into the garden! It looks like a nearby chipmunk or rabbit was going to have it for a meal, but dropped it on its way out. Lucky for me, since its one of the few that really grew well and is producing fruit!

Now comes the fun, hopefully, of getting to try all these really neat types of tomatos. Although with the ones that just started growing -- they may well not produce fruit until October!!

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