August 25, 2002
Book Review -- A Rebellious Bride

A Rebellious Bride
by Brenda Hiatt
from Avon Historical Romance 2002

Yeah, so I like romances. So sue me. And Jenn brought me presents which I just totally inhaled. And loved.

This is one of those romances with a peppy heroine and a sensitive hero.

Quinn Peverill is the sort of girl who just doesn't fit in with society. She's new to England from the States, and she just can't seem to get the hang of how it all works. Nor does she feel comfortable with the poverty she sees in London. So she decides to do something about it, and heads out, dressed as a boy, to try and help a young girl and her brother.

She ends up bumping into Marcus Northrup, the youngest son and a rake (of course, its a romance!). He puts her back to rights and sends her off back in a woman's clothes. But she is seen by gossips, and her reputation is ruined. Next thing she knows she is engaged and then quickly married to this man she barely knows!

And so begins the usual round of shakespearean style of comedy, wherein each member of the married couple doesn't know the truth about each other, and tries to fool the other so that they can safely hide the truth. But only by discovering the truth can they live in safety... and find their true love.

Yes, its a typical plot. Yes, when I say usual, I mean usual. But its fun. Its enjoyable. And the characters come alive well and keep me interested. Its really a great read and fun mind candy. Neither of the main characters simper nor whine (which is always a relief to find in a romance). I *like* them and I wanted it to work out. Which for me, is the sign of a good romance novel.

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