September 02, 2002
Vacation, Day 3

So here it is, three days into my vacation and its the first time I've managed to blog. *smiles* I suppose that's a good thing, but I think its more just a sign of how bloody busy we've been this weekend.

Saturday was spent gaming. Started the new roleplaying game I'm running -- details available between The Voices and the game website. It went really well, and was a great start to my vacation.

Sunday we knew was going to be blown shopping, especially since the more we thought about it, the more stores we decided we needed to go to. It mostly started because we needed to go to Home Depot to get things to work on Dani's room. She needed to pick out the final colors for her walls and trim (the walls will be pale pink, the trim a sort of fuscia, and we told her the ceiling would be white -- she wanted to paint it purple). She picked two colors that look really nice together, and I think it'll look good, even though it isn't a room I could ever live in without choking on all the pink!

If that was all we were doing on Sunday, it would've been easy. But we also needed to stop at Walmart, Dick's Sporting Goods (we're going camping on Friday after all), and Sam's Club, then go food shopping at the end of it all. By the time the day was over we'd spent a ton of money (eep!!) but we have what we need to get things done. She even picked out her ceiling fan so we can pull down the old flourescent light and put up the new one once the ceiling is painted.

We've got a lot of work to do tomorrow. We'll drop the kids off at daycare and school, stop off at the gym for a quick workout, and then home to work on the room. We have to clean it out first, then strip three layers of wallpaper. Not to mention ripping out a door and putting up wallboard in its place. We have to do a lot of cleanup on the other side of that no-longer-door, too, since its in the kitchen. Some tile to put up and some paint, and replacing a piece of trim. Eek! Its just a lot of work. But it has to be done, because otherwise Ryan will be sleeping in the baby nook for an awfully long time.

Today was a relatively simple day. Laundry, cleaning, relaxing. Bubble-blowing with Danielle outside (which was fun *smiles*). Had a good dinner, and tried a new recipe (which I'll get around to reviewing on the diet site eventually) for zucchini crisp -- Dani thought it was apples and picked out and ate all the zucchini pieces only and left the sugar behind. What a way to get a kid to eat veggies!! And it worked!!

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