September 03, 2002
Vacation, Day 4

The day began much as they usually do during the week, except that this time there were two of us. Neither of us wanted to get out of bed, but we finally convinced ourselves to do so, and readied ourselves, and the kids, for the morning. Once all was set, we dropped off Ryan at daycare, and then Dani at preschool. And then for ourselves, it was off to the gym.

It felt good to begin my day with a brief workout on the treadmill, then a circuit around the toning machines, and then shooting hoops with Kevin. And I didn't even do so badly for a five foot tall woman who hasn't handled a basketball in YEARS. I had always thought, when I was younger, that if I actually were something of a decent height I'd like to play basketball. But now, of course, with no practice I have no strength to throw the ball with. I want to get a net here, at home, because I enjoy it and it would be good exercise. But we keep putting it off.

Once we were done with the exercise it was home again, to begin the work on Danielle's room in earnest.

We had to begin with clearing it out. We separated out the things to go to the Salvation Army, and the things to be tossed, and the things to be stored for later. The desk I am amazingly fond of we decided will be painted for Danielle. I figured out later it might be nice if we paint it white and then get some stencils and let her stencil it with the pink and fuscia. It'll be cool.

Kevin pulled the trim off from around the door we are taking out while I got rid of the bricks. The bricks? Well, they used to be our bookshelves. We layered bricks and plywood to make the shelves in our library. But now our books are all packed and the room will become a room for our daughter, while her room becomes one for our son. We have two children and no place for our books. *sighs*

I realized about halfway through carrying piles of four bricks across our parking lot of a driveway to the place where I piled them next to the shed that I didn't need the fitlinxx workout this morning -- I was certainly working my arms hard enough with the bricks!

And then that was done. I made lunches, while Kevin continued onwards, starting the process of stripping the wallpaper. When I joined him, after we ate, he had already sprayed DIF over one wall, and had the first layer (there were three) off of about half of it, and was working his way down through it. Together we made it about 80% of the way through that wall. But then things started to go wrong. First, he overfilled the sprayer, and we wasted a good bit of DIF (which, if you don't know, is a compound you spray on wallpaper to dissolve the glue beneath so it peels off easily). Then the sprayer itself stopped spraying -- something inside of it broke somehow.

In the meantime, while he fought with the stuff breaking, I started peeling the first layer of paper off of another wall. Without the DIF, the first layer actually came off a bit easier. It was sized properly, and I was able to peel off huge sheets of it at one time. There was something therapeutic about it. Like when you see this tiny edge of a piece of wallpaper peeled up and you have to resist the urge to yank on it, picking at it until it simply peels away, coming apart in your fingers and revealing whatever is beneath. But this time, I was not only allowed to peel the paper away, I was supposed to. It was absolutely lovely, as I peeled it in long strips and the let it fall away onto the floor.

Rather like the feeling of popping bubblewrap.

Still, we reached a point where we couldn't continue. We couldn't spray the DIF onto the walls, and we were running out of it anyway. So a trip to Home Depot, at the least, was in order.

So I took it as a hint and cleaned out my car. We packed the stuff for the Salvation Army into it and dropped it off. It was sad, in a way -- we dropped off a dark blue oriental style rug that I rather liked, but we have no place for it and it has been in storage for a while. If we put it in the basement, it would've gotten musty. So hopefully it will go to a better home from there.

Then, since we were there, we went inside to do a bit of clothes shopping for Danielle.

Now, you may think we're a little strange -- shopping at the Salvation Army. After all, we aren't poor. But we aren't exactly rich, either. We have to watch what we do and save where we can. And we've determined that when it comes to clothing small children who grow so rapidly we will never blink twice at where clothing comes from. Hand-me-downs, yard sales, and thrift stores -- all are fair game. And later, when I showed Danielle the new pants, shirts, and best of all, her new winter jacket, she was just so thrilled. It was well worth the time spent hunting through the racks of clothing, searching for the few size 5 items we could find.

After that we fought our way through traffic to collect Ryan from daycare. They have torn up the road around HVCC and it was an absolute nightmare, as classes let out from the community college at the same time as we tried to drive past it. Between that, and general traffic, we figured we should get Ryan first, then go to Home Depot.

At which, as usual, we spent more than we'd intended to. But we collected a new sprayer, and more DIF, and the things we needed to continue the job. We still have at least one more trip because we need to get the wallboard to put up on Thursday. But we'll do that on the way home from the gym on that day.

After picking up Dani, we had to stop off at Walmart to get stickers. Dani has received a letter for a sticker club, which is cute, so she needed stickers to send to the first little girl on the list. Dani is so excited, and picked out the stickers herself. Tomorrow night we'll have her write a note to go with it when we mail it.

Kevin bought the Gosford Park DVD as a treat and we've managed to watch not quite half of it so far. Its pretty good, although it takes a lot more watching than I'm used to indulging in. I like to be able to both watch a movie and play online, and its not that sort of a movie. I need to pay attention to it.

And now its later... I'm tired, and he's tired, and we've got a long way to go tomorrow too. He's got an orientation appt for Fitlinxx in the morning, and I'm going to do the run through the circuit again tomorrow. And then, of course, we need to finish stripping the paper off of Dani's room. We can't paint until we've got the wall done, and we need to do that all in one day. So we won't start that tomorrow. But there are other things we can do as well -- work upstairs, and in the back room (like shampooing carpets and stuff). Its going to be a busy week.

I'm really looking forward to having a vacation at the end of the whole thing!

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