September 04, 2002
Vacation, Day 5

There is no more wallpaper on the walls!!!

The trick I found yesterday of peeling the first layer of paper off in strips really helped, and we just zipped through the rest of the paper. The walls are now bare of paper, have been washed with DIF, and Kevin has applied the first layer of spackle. Tomorrow there will be some sanding and the second layer of spackle applied. Kev thinks that some of the wall damage (there was water damage long ago, but not really bad stuff) will take three layers of spackle before all is said and done.

Tomorrow we get the wallboard and replace the second door (to the kitchen) with a wall. I'm excited.

The wallpaper stripping was therapeutic again today. I got into a groove, zip-zip-zipping the scraper down the wall and peeling it away. The sound had a feeling to it, and I felt jazzed as more came off of the wall. And it was aerobic, with me throwing my back into it and really pushing it to do it quickly. The only troubles were when I had to tell Kevin to stop doing the part over me. He didn't get it until I yelled that what he was flaking off (plaster bits and wallpaper bits) were falling into my eyes. Which was a sort of bad thing. So we swapped and he did wall-finishing in a different area while I continued stripping paint there. That worked far better, and I didn't end up taking quite as much of a plasterboard shower!!

My fingers, on the other hand, are ruined. The tips of my fingers are rough and messy, needing days and days of conditioning to make them better. This is partly because of the glue, or the DIF, or the work... or perhaps even the showering twice daily and all the hand-washing in between. Either way, my hands feel icky.

And I ache. This is to be expected, I suppose. I woke up tired this morning. There was a horrible thunderstorm last night... it began around 1am and continued on until about 3:30. We didn't sleep much in between. I kept dozing off, as the thunder faded, and then awakening again abruptly as it was suddenly shaking the house around me. Yeah, it was one of those storms. Ryan didn't wake at all, only fussing momentarily as I walked by him to the bathroom. Dani did awaken, but both Kevin and I were downstairs (I had come down to turn off my laptop and check the window in the new room, and he came down for the latter as well). So we comforted her and cuddled her, and she went right back to sleep.

Still, it meant our sleep was disturbed, and 6am came way too early. And then I tried to move. Oh gods, did I ache. I had advil for breakfast, which isn't entirely unusual. But I was depending on it, so I could move enough to take a shower. My legs ached from yesterday, and I couldn't figure out why at first. I didn't think my workout had worked my legs that strongly. My shoulders... I could understand those. I'd done a bit with my arms during the Fitlinxx stuff.

We went to the workout and I felt every bloody muscle. Some of it started to make sense, too. Like remembering moving something like 20 reps of bricks (4 bricks per load, walked to the back of the driveway and then set down). And then finally, after the workout, when we started in on the room again, I realized why my calves hurt so badly. I had done all the low work, so I'd spent most of yesterday (and now today) crouched. Ohhhh... my calves regret this. Mightily.

We stopped in the office so Kevin could see my new digs (did I say we'd moved everyone on the floor? My new cube is smaller, and claustrophobic and doesn't have enough space to do manager meetings, but I LOVE it because of the whole claustrophobia thing... its weird) and so we could use the fax machine. Then we picked up the kids and headed home. We were early enough that we could have an early dinner, and then Dani helped me water the garden.

I hope my garden survives the weekend. I'm going to water it before I leave, but I'll be gone several days. I hope it makes it.

We've made the list for the packing tomorrow. Yes, in and among everything else, we need to pack for the camping trip. And see if we can fit all of it, including luggage for the kids, into Kevin's car. He has air conditioning that works. I don't. I used to, but it ran out and needs recharging. And that's just not in the budget these days. *groans*

I'm looking forward to the camping trip. Its a good weekend with friends, and a lot of relaxing, and the kids are staying with grammie and grampie. So Dani's looking forward to it as well. But most of all, I'm just looking forward to kicking back and relaxing.

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