September 05, 2002
Vacation, Day 6

Today the door becomes a wall.

Its been being used as such practically since we moved in anyway, so it isn't exactly a loss. In fact, today is one of the first times I can remember seeing into that room from the kitchen for more than the briefest of moments.

Yes, there is a gaping hole in my kitchen wall right now. The door is out, and so is the frame. In fact, the frame is off half the other doors because three doors shared a single top frame. Kevin is trimming the studs that will be put in for the wallboard to be attached to. Then I get to hold things in place while he gets them nailed down.

And what am I doing while he was deconstructing (violently) the door and now trimming things? Packing. And making a nice baked chicken for lunch (I'm serious -- we never made it for dinner last night and we didn't want it to go to waste!). And making nice marinades for tomorrow night's dinner at the campsite (steak and chicken, one spicy oriental, the other a more normal oriental). So there he is being all manly and major GUY and I'm being domestic and womanly and filling the house with the scent of chicken baked with fresh sage and rosemary.

Its seriously weird.

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