September 06, 2002
Vacation, Day 7

I'm being a horrific crank today. I'm not entirely sure why. Technically, I should have had enough sleep. 8 hours straight, no wakeups in the middle, for the second night in a row. And I couldn't go back to sleep when I woke up, but now, a few hours later, I'm both starving and exhausted.

But anyway, today is the beginning of our camping trip. After lunch Gay Ellen will be arriving to sit for our kids for a few hours while my mom's at work, so we can get on the road. I love my children, but I'm really looking forward to a weekend of peace and quiet. Right now, all I want to do is curl up and enjoy a short break. So we're going to get there a little early (okay, a LOT early probably) and then just curl up and read and spend some quiet time together before the rest of the group arrives.

I'm just seriously looking forward to getting away.

Back on the home front, the week of deconstruction went fairly well. The wall went up without me, after all. There actually wasn't much I could do to help, and the cat needed to be dropped off at the vet, so I took care of that while Kevin worked. When I was back, he was just finishing nailing the last side (kitchen) of the wallboard into place. Then he started the spackling on the room side of it.

Then he cleaned up. He's curious to read the blog because he's wondering how mad I am at him for the mess he made. *smiles* It actually wasn't all that bad. I was frustrated because we forgot to buy tarps to throw over the island in the kitchen, so now I have to do some dishes that sit on the bottom shelf. But the floor cleaned up pretty easily. Aside from damaging the slide of the door to the pantry slightly, we're in pretty good shape.

Admittedly, it all looks like hell at the moment. In my kitchen, there were three doors, well, actually four in a row. You walk in the original back door of the house from the mudroom, and immediately to the right is a fanfold door to the pantry. Just next, sharing the same piece of molding between them, is the door to the cellar. And then there is a place where there was molding just past that, which is now simply bare plaster putty, then wallboard, then more bare plaster. Above all three is an empty sore of either bare board or the top of a door frame, with all the holes involved.

Yeah, its ugly. But we'll put up new trim above the whole thing, and spackle to smooth out the new wall and then paint it. I'm actually thinking of rimming the new wall in trim and then painting it a different color. We're putting up hooks anyway, to make it a pot rack, so why not make it look like we *meant* it to be different. Right?

On the other side everything'll work out just fine. The wall is in and mostly spackled already. Its not perfectly straight, but then again, neither is the house! The door we replaced was in a frame that was a half inch taller on one side than the other.

Overall, I'm really pleased with our progress this week. We got a lot done. And since Dani might be staying with Grammy for the week, with only one child in the house, we might be able to get a bit done during the week, after work, too. *fingers crossed* Which would be really good, since we do still have a LONG way to go before its done.

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