September 14, 2002
Book Review -- Bunnicula

by Deborah and James Howe
paperback from Aladdin Paperbacks 1999

I had never read Bunnicula, the classic children's tale of a vampiric bunny. But then my mom picked up a copy, and I spent an enjoyable little while reading this wonderful story.

The tale is told from the point of view of Harold, the family dog. The story begins when his family goes to a movie and returns home with a quivering bundle carried in the arms of the children -- a tiny bunny. The bunny -- nammed Bunnicula because he was found during a Dracula movie -- quickly overtakes the affections of the family from both Harold, and Chester the family cat.

And shenannigans ensue. The cat is determined to find out what Bunnicula's secret is, and once he realizes that the bunny is behind the strange white vegetables, drained of all their juice, he is then determined to destroy the little furry one. What he does, and how the dog participates, is hysterical to read.

Of course, it is a children's story, so it has a happy ending. But it remains a cute read, and was an enjoyable little respite from the adult world.

There are many books in the Bunnicula series (and I have been told that the entire series is equally good) and hopefully someday I will own these myself. And will be able to read them to my children!

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