September 20, 2002
Firefly -- First Impressions

Well, we just finished watching the first episode of Joss Whedon's new show -- Firefly (FoxTV, Fridays, 8pm).

First impressions? I liked it. Its space cowboy -- yes, Joss couldn't decide between wild west and the wild beyond. But its likeable. The characters seem to be typical Joss to me -- mostly what you'd expect but a little off-beat. The mech's a girl, and while she's damned good at what she does (think cross between Willow and Fred) she's still a girl... thinking about the cute doctor and what he might think of her. Seems like it'll still have the soap opera tendencies Joss has shown a talent for. But they aren't soaps... its more that he shows people and relationships because those relationships are a part of what life is. A part of what drives us and how we work.

I'm going to keep watching it. There were enough hints about what the overarching plot might be (like the dr's sister, spacy and confused and stolen away from the law) to make me curious. I'm looking forward to it.

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