October 02, 2002
Book Review -- Desire

by Amanda Quick
paperback from Bantam (Historical Romance) 1994

Okay, so I'm on a romance kick for the moment -- you'll need to either put up with it or just skip over these book reviews if you find romance novels disgusting. *smiles*

I discovered Amanda Quick (a pen name for Jayne Ann Krentz) a few years ago, at the recommendation of the owner of Flights of Fantasy. Yes, the bookstore does cater to SF & Fantasy, but it also includes other genre fiction, such as Horror, Myster, and yes, Romance. Why? Because she likes them. And that's one of the reasons I love that particular store so much.

So I've read some of Krentz/Quick's work, and now when I bump into them in the used bookstores, or on a discount rack, I snap them up. And then when I go on a romance binge (like now) I really enjoy tucking into one or two of them.

Amanda Quick writes romances that have heroines with guts -- no simpering ninnies here. The story revolves around the Lady Clare of Desire (that being an island) and Sir Gareth of Wyckmere (The Hellhound). After Lady Clare's father dies, she soon realizes that she cannot protect her island and its valuable perfume business alone. And that her overlord will expect her to wed. So she sends a "recipe" for the perfect husband to him.

What she gets is The Hellhound -- too large, too serious, but he *can* read, thus fulfilling one of her three requirements. Of course, there is intrigue, there are dangers, and eventually, there is (surprise surprise) love. Yes, it is a romance novel, and yes, in many ways it is predictable.

But the characters are fresh and alive, and the conflicts are enjoyable. There is nothing that sets my teeth on edge, grating against my sensibilities (as so many heroines in romance novels do) and there are no saccharin coated phrases (heaving bosom anyone?). It is a pleasant story, enjoyable, and entertaining. Enough so that I'm happily reading another Amanda Quick book now to follow it up.

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