October 05, 2002
May I borrow...

May I borrow a cup of internet?

So I'm here, in the hotel at Albacon, and enjoying the convention. But its Saturday, and while I've got my BlackBerry (and therefore have been happily reading my mail since I've got an amazing signal for once) I've still been dying for a connection. Okay, yeah, so I'm addicted.

Add in that when my hard drive died over the summer I never remembered to add back onto the rebuild any of my Earthlink access numbers, and suddenly I'm really stuck for a way to get online. I could use the high speed internet access in my room, but at $10 a day that's pricy. Eek! I usually do the simple 75 cents a dialup which is over all simpler.

So I am borrowing a cup of internet. *laughs* And wow I'm feeling just SO much more relaxed.

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