October 06, 2002
We bought what?

When we were getting ready for Albacon this year, I warned Kevin that we hadn't been on a real big book buying binge since Boskone in February. Oh, he'd bought a few books for us in March, and I'd bought us a few used books over the summer while on walks with Josh, and there was the time we went out and bought the Hugo nominees we didn't already have.

So I looked at Kevin and tried to warn him. And afterwards I had to say -- "Am I allowed to say I told you so??" He said I could. *laughs*

We spent a lot on books. I won't go into detail on the costs, but suffice to say we probably came home with about 50 or so new books. We finally counted our to-read piles, and Kev's got 99 books in his, and I've got 205 in mine (yowch!). The best part is that there are a lot of books in each of our piles that we BOTH want to read. Yeah, there's some stuff in each pile that the other person has already read. But we bought a lot of books for both of us. So that means that as we read, the total over 300 number doesn't really go down very quickly at all!

I was going to talk more about our books, but well, I'll leave that for another day -- when I get Kevin to bring home the digital camera so we can take pics of the books. And our "library". The images are just necessary to the true udnerstanding. *laughs*

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