October 11, 2002
I've been Reviewed!

I have been reviewed by The Weblog Review. It... wasn't a great review. Am I disappointed? Yeah, of course. In the review? No, not really. I'm more disappointed in myself.

The review has me really looking at some things on my site.

The reviewer liked the writing, which honestly has me very happy. Writing is one of my focuses in life, and even though I know this is all certainly not among my best work (it is far more casual than most writers out there who endeavor to make their sites more literary) it is a pleasure to hear a complement. I know I certainly haven't been focussing on the blog lately -- not nearly enough to make it something "real" -- and I do hope to change that in the future. But that's a topic for another time. *smiles*

The biggest dings came in the design of the site. The lack of About page? Interesting thought... I think, for some reason, that I somehow expected that the reader would just come to know me magically through my writing. And I suppose that indeed *is* true. If you read it long enough you will know more about me than I would ever put on a static page. There are things that come through in my writing that I simply don't generally say outright when I'm just listing off "this is who I am". Sometimes its because these are things I would rather discuss than use as a definition. And sometimes its because well, I try *not* to define myself. I try to just *be* myself. Of course, that could all also be said on an About page. *smiles*

Which means that I may well try to add one.

But the layout, the design... yeah, that's where I'm REALLY feeling disappointed in myself. I know what look I was going for, and I know where I came from, pre-blog. And I know why I'm unhappy with it all.

I couldn't keep the original look. It was cluttered, not to mention really scattered. My site, before blogging, was a mishmash of original pieces. When I first started, every area of my site had a very different look and feel, with lots of background images. I now know so much more about webdesign, and to be honest, as "pretty" as background images are, they are truly a pain in the neck. Hard to read against, mostly.

So I decided to just clean everything out and start fresh. Go for a very scaled down, cleaner look.

Obviously, I went a little too clean.

And I knew this. I knew what I wanted to reflect (er, pun intended) as an image (also intended) and I knew that what I had done hadn't captured that at all.

This is The Hall of Mirrors. Once upon a time, my site had this great introspective background that looked like reflections up reflections. A great statement too about looking at yourself in the mirror. I liked that. But I gave it up because I couldn't read a bloody thing against the background.

The grey was my attempt at a "metallic" sort of look. The idea being that the whole site is a mirror, reflecting myself and the readers in different ways. But instead, it looks dull and boring, and not mirrored at all.

So I'm playing with some ideas over on a test site -- feel free to take a look if you're curious. With any luck, I'll come up with something new that I really like and can use here. I'd like something a little splashier. Of course, then I have to redesign the Voices section, which should look even a little more different, too.

In a way I'm glad this got me thinking about redesign. I'd like to end up someplace with my site that's a lot more... me...

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