October 11, 2002
That didn't come out right

Just looking at what I wrote earlier regarding my review. I sound grouchy, don't I? That wasn't really what I meant to sound like, which means my writing obvious suffers today.

I really wasn't upset by the review. Its more... it made me upset with *myself* for not really paying attention to my blog and taking a good look at what it looked like. I didn't really do what I wanted to do with my site, and it suffers for it.

The review liked my writing, and I am SO proud of that. That's really the thing I'm here for -- to convey myself through my words and my thoughts. So that part has me really feeling great.

And it got me all thinking about the design of my site, which is awesome (that it got me thinking, not that the design is awesome). And it got me working on an alternate. Gotta get that finished up. *smiles*

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