October 20, 2002
The theory of Blogging

Once upon a time, when I first started blogging, everything else fell to the wayside. My PBEMs? Waited. Balancing my checkbook? Waited. IM? Waited.

This would be an example of my extreme obsessiveness, which well, happens often when I find a really neat cool new thing. I obsess over it to the point of ridiculousness, and then suddenly realize I've broken everything else and have to rush off and go fix those.

Somewhere later I realize that I've managed to lose track of the thing I was obsessing over, at which point I re-evaluate that thing and decide whether it deserves all that time, no time, or has to be fit into a proper slot in my life.

Yeah, this would explain my sudden headlong rush into blogging.

Have no fear -- blogging will indeed remain a piece of my life. In fact, of late I've been really disappointed in myself that I can't devote near enough time to it. I have missed blogging so many little things. Like Ryan's new sneakers (and more steps). Or Dani reading to me in the car -- about half the words without any prompting. I had no idea she recognized the word for mouse!!

All kinds of things slipping away without being immortalized.

Is this a journal online? Hell yes. Yeah, sometimes the stuff I talk about is incredibly mundane. But then, that's life. Its not always exciting. I mean, I find the new redesign of my site to be one of the more exciting things I did today. *chuckles* Rack that up with a birthday party Dani went to and Ryan walking more and more. Yeah, that about defines my day. The biggest excitement was convincing Ryan to go to sleep on time for the second night in a row!

What I'd really like to be able to do is get some more time for blogging. If I can get Ryan going to bed on time, that gives me alot more time available right away -- when he's up I can't even want to be online -- he attacks my laptop. Plus, I'd rather spend time with him and Danielle when I can't. But then they can go to bed and I can be online happily. If I just can manage to organize the time better (and schedule my children so they actually get some sleep *smiles*).

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