October 25, 2002
101 Things about ME

I've seen other people do this, then Chris did it and well, I decided I was finally inspired to just DO IT myself.

1. My name is Deborah Elizabeth Allen
2. It used to be Atwood
3. Then I married Kevin
4. We have two children
5. Danielle is the older one
6. Ryan is the younger one
7. I was an only child
8. Some people call me D-Singer
9. Or D.
10. No one calls me Deborah - its Deb
11. They'd better not anyway
12. I play roleplaying games
13. And write
14. There are lots of people in my head
15. I like it that way
16. I have a very vivid imagination
17. I am afraid of death
18. I am a pagan
19. My husband is Catholic
20. My children have been baptised Catholic
21. Not all of their godparents are Catholic
22. Or Christian
23. I want my children to have faith
24. I do
25. I drive an automatic
26. I'd rather drive a stick
27. I hate that they don't make many family cars with a standard transmission
28. I am overweight
29. I am obsessive
30. I am trying to use my obsession to diet & exercise
31. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't
32. Sometimes I like to escape into reading
33. I read a LOT
34. I don't write as much as I'd like to
35. I've been published by Circlet Press
36. Just one story though
37. And its erotica
38. I wear mostly dark colors
39. I find bright colors to be de-energizing
40. Sometimes I do wear bright colors to surprise people
41. I like to keep people off-kilter
42. I look like a mom
43. Most of the time
44. I refuse to grow up
45. Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional
46. There is a huge difference between understanding responsibility and being boring
47. Or bored
48. I am a programmer
49. I got into programming because I thought it was fun
50. Once I thought I would be a geneticist
51. I like to know what makes things tick
52. Once upon a time I wanted to make androids
53. Now I make user interfaces
54. I'm not always organized
55. I'm often pretty scatterbrained
56. I try to care a lot about my friends
57. Sometimes I screw up
58. Big time
59. I can be too self-centered
60. I can be very giving
61. The two are just SO different
62. I don't always talk a lot about myself
63. But I can be very easy to get to know
64. I talk about the things that are easy to talk about
65. There are things I'm not supposed to talk about
66. I'm not very good at keeping secrets
67. They drive me nuts
68. But I do it because I'm supposed to
69. Writing is a way to work things out
70. So is roleplaying
71. That's why I do them sometimes
72. I am not addicted, I am connected
73. At least, that's what I tell people
74. I'm lying
75. I like to read romances
76. I like to read sf/fantasy
77. I like to read YA novels
78. I would like to write all of the above
79. I have panic attacks
80. I don't sleep well
81. I have fibromyalgia
82. I live with pain and will for the rest of my life
83. I come from an obsessive family
84. I used to be afraid of becoming alcoholic
85. I'm not, thankfully
86. I make jewelry
87. I used to draw, but I wasn't very good
88. I collect art
89. I love gardening
90. I love to cook
91. I want a house with a bigger kitchen and a bigger garden
92. I like to make up recipes
93. And generally I'm pretty good at it
94. I'm really good at making ice cream
95. I try to be a good mother
96. I try to be a good wife and a good friend
97. I don't have time to just be me
98. I daydream
99. I live for music
100. I make mixed tapes & CDs
101. I used to write lyrics

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