October 27, 2002
Growing Up as a Family

This weekend we had a new experience. We got together with friends from college, from the 'net, and we weren't the only ones with kids.

Y'see, kids have been a weird thing in our crew. First, there was Sam. He had two kids, the first one a good two or three years before Danielle was born. So for a while, he was the only one with kids. Then Dani came along, and in short succession so did Sam's second, and Brian's three (yes, I said three). So there we were, surrounded by infants... who all moved away. Leaving us as the only ones with kids who we saw on a regular basis.

But this weekend we drove down to see Shawn and Dina, who just moved to the east coast from Texas. Shawn is a great friend, and I have missed him horribly while he was in Texas and I am so thrilled to have them here. We still probably won't be seeing them *regularly* because it is a 2 1/2 hour drive, but it'll definitely be a lot more often than when they were in Texas since there's no *plane* involved.

And Shawn & Dina have a baby. And we have a baby (and Danielle). And our friends Lou & Amasa have a baby. So there we were, with two other couples and Toigo and there were four kids. Weird. It was like a sudden paradigm shift to realize that kids were the norm. Usually its our kids and a houseful of adults (which I think Dani likes because then everyone will dance attendance on her).

But it was cool. It was kinda nice not being the only ones going nuts because the babies just well, weren't entirely cooperating all the time. It was different, too. Usually, when I'm with parents they aren't the people I've known for ten years and knew when I was young and kinda stupid. But these are people I've lived with (I had a sudden revelation that I think Shawn's watching of Comedy Central in the living room in the middle of the night and my room being off the living room and hearing stand up comedians all night might be part of why I haven't liked stand up comedy for so long... kinda like listening to a tape all night and then being unable to listen to it again because of sleep programming...). These are people I've known for ten to 15 years. Yow.

I had the sudden Thirty-Something or Big Chill feeling in the middle of it, like the whole big reunion thing. Then that faded and it went back to simply being fun. Different. And cool.

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