October 31, 2002
Happy Halloween!!

Whee! Its my favorite holiday!

Dani went out as Blossom, from the PowerPuff Girls tonight. And Ryan we were simple with -- black sweats, little ears on his hat, and we tried to pain whiskers but failed miserably because he kept wiggling.

Both Kevin and I made it to Dani's school for the Halloween parade today -- a rare occurance. It was made easier that Ryan's school doesn't celebrate. While I would rather have Ryan get the opportunity to enjoy holidays at school, it certainly is easier when I don't have to rush from place to place.

Dani was adorable during the parade. Even when the other children were afraid and not wanting to go into the rooms of the bigger kids, Dani just trooped right on in with a big smile. She had a great time, and so did we.

Ryan loved trick or treating. He came back grinning hugely. He didn't have any candy, but he loved it anyway.

Kind of a bummer that I have to take my decorations down later this week. But at least we managed to get the lights up this year.

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