November 17, 2002

Croup is scary. Terrifying, really. We woke up perhaps 20 minutes after going to bed to the sound of Ryan coughing and crying. But it wasn't coughing, it was a horrific barking sound like a seal.

Now, Dani had croup as a baby. At least, they said it was croup. But she never sounded like this, like she could barely manage to breathe (he's not sucking in the skin between his ribs -- his breathing is not dangerous -- but it sounds awful). He sounds so raw, so scared of his own little voice. And so tired.

I called the doctor in a panic. Today was the first day he had peanut butter -- we were afraid he was having a latent reaction to it even though he was fine earlier today. But he said no, just croup, and really it does come on just that fast because he was fine earlier today. He had a bit of a runny nose, but then, its winter, and what daycare child doesn't have a runny nose in the winter?

So now we hot steam him and then cold air. Kev's got him in the bathroom in the sauna like confines right now. I'll take him out into the cold air for fifteen minutes after this. It isn't going to be a fun night, nor is it going to be a good day on Monday. He should probably stay home on Monday. We'll see how things go. If we don't sleep Sunday night he'll definitely be staying home on Monday and so will we.

I have a sore throat myself. Ick. And Dani just got over being sick. I guess we're on round whatever number of whatever it is that keeps going through the house.

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