November 17, 2002
A little later

Kevin has now steamed him for 15 minutes, and I took the outside shift and snuggled with him in the cold night air. Ry is breathing MUCH easier, and we are feeling more assured that it is merely (Merely?) croup and he didn't inhale a button or try to eat a die or have a histimine reaction.

Its still not going to be an easy night. We're sleeping with him semi upright in the recliner, Kevin and Ry in one, me in the other so I'm there if they need me. Kev's watching bad TV to keep himself awake until Ry falls asleep.

Tomorrow we have to explain that only one of us can go with Dani to see Harry Potter, and we have to call the sitter and cancel with her. We don't think it'd be right to have a baby sitter with him -- he's probably going to be miserable. And he might start having that cough again when he naps. But its a work sponsored trip to the movie, and Dani's been REALLY looking forward to it, so I will probably still take her if the weather clears up somewhat.

Yeah, on top of everything else, there is ice pouring down from the sky. Not rain. Not snow. Its a nice little ice storm. I had to go out to Kev's car to get the camp chair to sit out on the porch, and it was tough just to open the hatch because it was so encrusted with snow.

Now its time for me to take *out* my contacts again and go get some sleep. I hope.

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