December 01, 2002
The Little Drummer Boy

Today we Tivo'ed "The Little Drummer Boy". Neither Kevin nor I had seen it in ages, and its one of the few old Rankin-Bass Christmas specials that we don't own on DVD (since I went on a buying spree a few years ago). We both had fond memories of it, and wanted to share it with Danielle.

Wow. Okay, so that was so not what I remembered! I didn't remember it being so dark! It was done in the shadows of the Bible stories -- a tale to emphasize forgiveness at the end. In some ways, a good tale for today. Yes, there are painful and horrible things that happen, but only blame those responsible -- don't just globally blame everyone for it. A good lesson. But it was very vividly taught in the show.

The boy has everything stolen from him, but then the infant smiles, and his lamb is made whole and he learns forgiveness. A definite parable sort of thing.

I just remembered it being a lot lighter. Dani didn't really enjoy it, and I think it was too difficult for her to follow. And I no longer feel the urge to make sure I own it.

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