December 07, 2002
Please Mommy, Can I?

We're out at our time share for the weekend -- just a nice little bit of relaxation and get away. There's a carpet sweeper in the closet, which we use after dinner to clean up after the kids.

Dani calls it the quiet vaccuum. She loves it. She loves the real vaccuum, but thinks it makes too much noise. So she won't let us use the carpet sweeper here -- she has to do it.

Today we baked cookies. Bought one of those packages of just put on the cookie sheet types, so that we could do something silly and fun. Dani picked them out, and placed them, and we just put them in the oven. *smiles* So she baked the cookies.

Why is this funny? Well, of course, she was going to get a cookie -- she baked them. And she wanted to clean up after dinner. So what does she say?

Mommy, I can have a cookie AND use the vaccuum?!

Am I lucky or what?

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