December 13, 2002
Friday Group Therapy 1.23

1. How is Friday the 13th treating you so far?
Aside from being sick, its a good day. But then, I generally like Friday the 13th. *smiles*

2. What kind of luck do you usually have? Good, bad, a mix of both?
Better than I should. I'm one of those people who can go through life not planning anything and then come out smelling like a rose. But when it finally does go bad its like it just doesn't stop until I'm buried under a mountain of shit.

3. Are you superstitious about anything?
I'm obsessive compulsive, which means yeah, in some weird ways, I'm superstitious. *grins*

Basically, I do things more because I'm obsessive, but in an outward manner, it looks superstitious. I have jewelry that I feel I *have* to wear. Certain ways things must be done.

But I don't subscribe to the standard superstitions. I *like* the number 13. I love black cats. I have no issues with ladders.

4. Have you ever ignored a superstition only to have it backfire on you?

5. Has anyone else's superstitions annoyed or amused you?
Oh yes. In general, I find other people's superstitions highly amusing, right up until they impact something I'm trying to do and then they are annoying as hell. Can I come up with an example? Um... stuffy head says nope, no good thinking for today.

*chuckles* Yeah. I've got a pentagram that I bought when I was 15 and I've worn it ever since. When the ankh I got in London tangled with it and kept breaking the chain, the pentagram became an earring (and still is). The ankh became another "must wear" symbol up until I lost it several months ago when my son ripped it off my neck without me noticing. *sighs*

7. Have you known anyone who almost always had an excess of either good or bad luck?
Oh yeah. The best example I have has to do with gaming. I knew this guy who couldn't roll dice. Didn't matter whose dice, how he rolled them, or when. They always came out bad. If he wanted to roll high he rolled low, and vice versa. I'm not sure if anyone ever handed him loaded dice to try rolling...

I've also known people, in gaming, who had certain luck in certain situations. Like, again with the dice, I used to roll incredibly well for one particular character, except when I had the chance for her to look like an idiot. Then I'd always mess it up.

Like I said above, I tend towards good luck. Things like, if I arrived just five minutes earlier, I would've been in the middle of an accident (it happened again this morning -- hit the snooze one extra time and missed witnessing a head on collision outside of Ryan's daycare). I don't rely on the luck. I thank the gods for it, though. Its helped me a lot through the years.

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