December 15, 2002
The Holiday Season

I sort of love the holiday season. I also sort of hate it.

I love giving gifts. I love family gatherings. I love baking.

I hate not having time to shop. I hate stupid people at the malls who feel like traffic laws and common courtesy don't apply to them. I hate getting sick.

I think right now, most of all, I hate getting sick.

Its been a bad few weeks. In this household we've had two sinus infections, one double ear infection (which I think came back), and a full complete set of tummy flus.

This is not fun.

Imagine, if you will, a woman so completely exhausted that she can hardly stand. Leaning on the stroller, crouching down to rest with her back against the wall whenever they stop moving. Her stomach turns as she sees her husband buy lunch. Yet, she is still out, still shopping, because there is no bloody other time to do it.

Yes, this was my weekend. We missed the FAC Christmas party, which really annoyed me, but well, I couldn't get off the couch. *wry smiles* Y'see, the FAC Christmas party is a REALLY COOL PARTY. They rent out the Egg, and get the Albany Symphony, and have an awesome buffet, and the show is designed for kids and everyone's invited. Yeah, its fun. Its not the typical "get drunk and insult the boss" sort of party everyone else seems to have. And I love it. I look forward to it every year. And I've only ever missed it once before (since I started going) -- and that was when I was pregnant with Danielle and they did it with the Victorian stroll in Troy and well, at 8 months pregnant, I wasn't really up for strolling.

Still, illness aside, it was a productive weekend. Got most of the laundry done, the kitchen cleaned. Nothing baked, but then, I didn't think I *should* be baking given the circumstances. Got lots of presents bought, although they still need to be wrapped. I'm enlisting Kevin to help with that this year because some of them are HEAVY.

Christmas is going to be fun. This week Dani and I will put together the basket to take to her preschool. We've got all kinds of neat things to put in it, from cookies, to Lindt truffles, to candles, to oil lamps, to gourmet jellies. Oh yeah, it'll be cool. I'll be lucky if I can fit everything in the basket! But we love them there, and I wanted to give them a bunch of really interesting things to choose from.

Dani and I also have to do the kids' presents for their grandparents. We've got that all planned, but it takes some creative work on our part too. And hm, I just had an awesome idea involving handprints... I'll need to remember that part!

I'm looking forward to the holiday. I just can't believe its going to be here so soon!

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