December 21, 2002
Making Candy

Things I learned today...

Adding green food coloring paste to melted white chocolate makes it sieze. I should have seen it coming, really, since adding water to melted chocolate makes it sieze.

Mixing cinnamon chips and chocolate chips creates a mixture which does not harden perfectly. (On the other hand, the green white chocolate above hardened beautifully).

I'm going to try to combine the two lessons next time, and after combining the cinnamon chips and chocolate chips, I'm going to add a couple of drops of red food coloring to see if I can get it to harden a bit more.

So, now you're all wondering (well, maybe), what was I doing today?

As my husband put it, having way too much fun dipping things in chocolate.

No cookies this time (last time I did this I spent a day covering oreo cookies in chocolate). I dipped pretzel rods in different forms of chocolate and then decorating them. I also did some graham crackers, but decided I actually prefer piping the chocolate decorations on top of the graham crackers rather than actually dipping them in chocolate.

The pretzel rods were a blast to do, and I'm toying with the idea of doing a side business and selling them. This year I'm giving them away for Christmas. But I'm wondering if maybe selling like a dozen rods (with different packages for taste combinations and such) for $20, plus shipping. All hand dipped, of course, and hand decorated. Using white chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, milk chocolate, colors, peanut butter, cinnamon, and sprinkles. All ways to make them look interesting and taste GOOD. And oh yeah, they do taste good.

The question is, would I have the time to do it, and would it ever get any business? I'd need to put digital pics up and get a site to do it. And its REALLY tempting because it is SO much fun to do.

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