December 25, 2002
Happy Holidays!

So, its Christmas... and despite all the stress to get to this day, and the stress yet to come to finish out the year, we have had a wonderful holiday.

My cat is drunk. *laughs* Santa brought her a little furry mouse toy to stuff with catnip, which Kevin and I stuffed. Athena spent the morning either nuzzling it or trying to keep us from moving it. She is now upstairs sleeping it off. Oh yeah, I forgot the munchies. Did you know that catnip gives cats the munchies? Or at least, it does in my experience!

Ryan finally, on his third day this week of presents, figured out the whole "tear" and "rip" concept. Last Sunday, at my Aunt Barb's, Ryan kept wanting to open everyones' presents but his own. Last night he started to get it. We helped by putting him into his play yard with the two presents and just waiting. Eventually curiosity got the best of him and he ripped open the second one.

Right now, he is happy as a little clam. He has a new puzzle, and a new musical toy from Aunt Barb, and a truck from Santa, and his new wooden train set from Aunty Liz & Uncle Josh, and one of his new golf clubs from Jenn & Dave. He's got so many new toys and so much to do. He's walking around from one thing to the next, chitter chattering away.

Oh, unwrapping for Ryan was so cute. He would rip off a piece of paper and then hand it to whoever was nearest, saying "thank you" until we took it.

Then there's Dani. She's been over-excited for a long time now, counting down to Christmas since about ten days ago. Right now she's supposed to be taking some quiet time, but she's too revved up to do so. So she keeps coming out to ask to get up, and being sent back. *wry smile* *rolls eyes*

Dani made out like a bandit this Christmas. We have had long talks about being spoiled, and the difference between the good kind of spoiled and the bad kind. You see, the good kind of spoiled is when people like to give you things, and you know that its a special thing and don't whine about not getting enough things. The bad kind is when you just expect all kinds of toys and don't pay attention to what things are and who cares about you.

Dani is the good kind of spoiled. We're working on keeping it that way.

Santa gave her a fish tank. She and daddy are going to go shopping for fish stuff this week, while she's off from daycare. Dani's all excited to have fish in her room. She got a Quantum Pad from us, and has spent a lot of time playing with it. She tried to play with her new inner tube sled, but its just too cold out while its still busy blizzarding and she and Kev were outside for all of about five minutes. *sighs* Hot cocoa is doing its best to warm them up again.

Dani's gotten all kinds of things for Christmas. She and Aunty Jenn exchanged Power Puff gifts, which was adorable. Of course, she wants to use her new Power Puff Girls dishes for every meal -- that's a lot of washing dishes in between. *laughs* And now she really wants us to get her new room all done soon so she can get to put up her glowy stars from Josh & Liz.

Me, I've already been using my Christmas presents. I'm wearing earrings from Danielle. And I baked using my new cake pans, the magicake strips to keep the layers level, and using our new measuring spoons and cups from my parents. The cake came out really well, and I'm excited. I'm starting to have a lot of fun baking and making candy and everything again. Its very relaxing and a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough of the right ingredients to make enough frosting to practice doing cool decorating. *sighs* Another time.

Kevin is enjoying the peace of the day, working on reading his book. I haven't been reading (although I really want to read more of it!!) just because I wanted to do some blogging. I have been feeling like I miss so many things these days because I just don't have time to write. *sighs* And I was determined not to miss remembering all of Christmas!!

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