December 25, 2002
Its the People that Make it a Holiday

In my last post I wrote all about the gifts, and how much we appreciated them. And how much fun we are all having playing with or using them.

But I forgot the most important part of the holiday. The people.

Our holiday consists of four distinct events. It begins the Sunday before Christmas with a trip to Connecticut, to my Aunt Barb's, for Christmas with my father's family. It continues on Christmas Eve, with the celebration we have created ourselves, shared with friends so close that they *are* family in my eyes. Christmas morning is ours (and hopefully my parents will join us on Christmas in years to come) with the kids and the tree. And later on that day Kevin's parents come over.

Sunday was lovely. We spent the afternoon at Barb's, and got to see relatives I haven't seen in ages. Danielle loved being with Grammy and Grampy. And I loved being with my family. We are only all together a few times a year.

Tuesday night, after a rushed attempt by me to make sure I had everything prepared, we had a wonderful time with Jenn, Dave, Josh, and Liz. We have been able to spend so little time together as couples that it was truly wonderful to get to sit down with them and all just talk. I look forward to this so much every year, and every year I buy too much food, and every year I am amazed by just how good my friends are.

This morning was controlled chaos with the kids. Dani just wanted to open everything at once. Since she's only almost five, that makes sense. We managed to keep her ramped down, and she was just so excited about everything. We had a good breakfast, and enjoyed the day, relaxing.

Because of the weather, Kevin's parents were unable to come over. So we'll get together with them Saturday morning before gaming. So the fourth Christmas party has yet to be.

But it is the people we get to see, get to spend special time with that makes this time as wonderful as it is. The holiday season is not yet over, and I am still looking forward to more good times to come.

And yet, I am also making this resolution, to find a way, somehow, to spend more time with my friends and family.

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