January 03, 2003
Book Review -- Kushiel's Chosen

Kushiel's Chosen
by Jacqueline Carey
hardcover from Tor 2002

Oh. My. God. Jacqueline has done it again. And this time, I hope she gets the Hugo nod she well deserves.

Kushiel's Chosen is the sequel to Kushiel's Dart. And again it is lavish, with a beautiful setting and wonderful characters. Jacqueline is an amazing author, and I will be anxiously awaiting more from her.

Phedre no Delauney is an anguisette, an incredibly rare woman for whom pain creates near blinding pleasure. She is chosen of the god Kushiel, and bears his dart, a red mote in her eye. In the land of Terre D'Ange, where the god Elua declared love as thou wilt she is an accomplished courtesan. She is also a spy.

Phedre is certain that Melisande, the woman who betrayed the crown, is still alive. She is obsessed, and when she receives a sign, she heads to La Serenissima to find her.

This is a story of love, and of understanding what love means and how love can change. We see those around Phedre changed by knowing her, and by becoming a part of her world. Phedre inspires an emotion like no other. And she is not simply beautiful and sensual, she is also intelligent, ferreting out plots and saving her queen and her homeland.

This is a long book, yet in reading it I only wish it were longer. It reads quickly, flowing from sentence to sentence, from chapter to chapter, pulling the reader along in a whisper wind of sensation. I craved more and hated to pause in my reading.

I highly recommend both novels to anyone who is interested in a novel with deep history, a rich world, and emotionally vivid characters. There is sex in these novels, but it is not overdone nor too explicit for those who would not care for it.

Jacqueline writes like a dream. This is a woman to watch for. I eagerly await more.

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