January 07, 2003
What a day

Did you every think that no matter what you do, you just cannot win? I have had minor difficulty after minor difficulty for the past several months. I am told its excessive -- clean up my act. So I try.

But it seems that no matter what I do, something interferes. It snows, and I am late because daycare goes on a 2 hour delay. Or the kids get sick (or I do). Or my car just dies completely in the parking lot.

I was doing well this morning. I worked last night, blowing off my personal time to get reviews done (redone, actually). I got up early despite my vaguely remembered attempt to shut off the alarm while I still slept. I would have been damned close to on time to work, despite bad roads and crappy parking conditions.

Then I smell burning rubber and when I go to start my car nothing happens. I think my alternator's gone. And now I'm stuck being way late. Damn.

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