January 17, 2003
The Terror

I suppose this belongs on the Voices page more appropriately, as it is about writing. But it affects me so completely that I wanted to put it on the main blog.

I've completed the final changes to the manuscript "Metamorphosis." I've completed the cover letter. Tomorrow they, along with a SASE, will be dropped in the mail and sent off to the anthology the story was written for.

I'm absolutely terrified. I haven't submitted anything in years. I'm looking forward to hearing back and at the same time and both scared they will and won't take it.

Why am I scared that they will? Well, if they do, then my first two credits will *both* be erotica. I may be making my own name difficult to sell. Not to mention that I can't really go around yelling about getting published at work if its erotica. I mean, what if someone asks to see it? *laughs* Oh yeah, they so don't know me there. Even some of those who do think they know me, don't. Okay, yeah, there is one who does. But the rest might be rather shocked to know that I not only write erotica, but that at least this time I wrote dark erotica about an obsessive gay man.

Well, there, I guess the secret's out. *chuckles* If any of them are reading this, now they know.

Gods, the worst part is most definitely the waiting. I'm going to be counting down. And I'm thinking they won't even be reading until the submissions are all in. So not a single word until way after March 1st. Eep!!!!!

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