January 19, 2003
Random Weekend Ramblings

It was a long week, and a long weekend. But damnably productive, at least during the weekend.

Lots of random "I wish I had blogged this" thoughts this weekend. Let's see if I can scroll back and grab a few.

We set up one of Ryan's Christmas presents today -- a rock'n rider trike. It can be a trike, or pushed as a trike, or it has a frame it can sit on like a rocker. Ry absolute loves it. He climbs on it to rock, and he pushes it around, and he laughs with glee. Its great! Of course, he also took it and neatly leaned it against the side of the play-yard so he could use it as a ramp to climb out. And he got yelled at for standing on the seat... he is such a climbing boy.

He talks more and more now. Words come out when I least expect them. Sometimes I hear a bit of chatter, almost under his breath, and when I listen I realize that what he's saying makes remarkable sense. Like earlier, when he was looking at the pocket on his new bib I could swear he was saying "pocket" over and over. And he did another one in the play-yard, but I can't remember it now. Finally, he's putting words together although I suspect I'm still the only one who understands most of them.

Unfortunately, it was too cold for sledding today. So Dani didn't get to have some Rachel time. Which was probably for the best, since we got to really spend a lot of time cleaning the house. Instead, we're going to meet Rachel for dinner tomorrow, before gymnastics, taking advantage of the holiday.

Dani has been a very helpful little girl today. We made a really intensive effort this weekend, really turning the downstairs inside out. I'd call it spring cleaning if it were spring! Dani jumped right in and helped (well, with a little prodding sometimes). She cleaned her room beautifully, reorganizing some of it to make it seem bigger and more well, organized. Then she cleaned up her able, and put away the things we asked. She helped Dad take down the Christmas tree and put away the decorations. All in all, she was very helpful and it is very appreciated!!

Yesterday Dani went to Carter's birthday party. She brought the camera that Santa gave her in her stocking and shot about a whole roll of pictures. Its her second roll. I've dropped both off to be developed and will pick them up tomorrow after gymnastics. I also found an exposed roll of film in the house so I dropped that off as well. I wonder when it's from?

We are trying to develop some organization in the downstairs. We're tired of being overrun by children's toys. So we have all of Ry's toys in a corner right now, with only three things in the play-yard. Tonight we are going to go through all of them, putting them back into appropriate groups, and then keep them organized. That way he can only have the ones we give him at a time, and we can keep rotating them. I think he goes into toy overload sometimes. It worked really well after his nap, earlier. With only one puzzle, the ball game, and the rocker, he really concentrated on one toy at a time and played with each one for a while. And I got to see that with only one set of puzzle pieces, he can pay enough attention to put it together mostly correctly! I was impressed.

And now its break time. We're treating ourselves to ordering dinner since we've been working so hard today. And I'm going back to work on reworking my novel. I'd like to finish getting the new outline done so that I can go through and add stuff in. I'm really excited to do the revision and start posting it.

Yeah, its been a long weekend, but definitely a productive one.

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