January 28, 2003
A Fishy Calamity

Well, we have had our first, and our second, fishy calamity. On Sunday evening Dani called out to us the BlackMolly was sick. And tonight we lost the marble molly.

Dani's upset. Not as upset as I'd expected, actually. She's got a good, level head on her shoulders. Although from past experiences, we should get sudden nighttime hysterics in about two months. I think that's how long it took for the reality of Chester being gone to hit.

We think we've got a minor bug in the tank. Kevin's going to go pick up some stuff to treat it with tomorrow after work. Hopefully we won't lose any more fish before then. I think I'm going to also suggest he pick up a small fishbowl in case we need to quantine the ones we think might be ill.

Wow, the whole fish thing seemed so *easy* at first!

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