January 29, 2003
Icky Fish

We've decided that the fish have a small case of Ick. Yes, Ick. There is a fishy disease called Ick.

The treatment is actually pretty simple. We added medicine to the tank, and took out the charcoal filter so that it wouldn't strip all the meds out of the water. This means there is more oxygen bubbling through the tank.

The fish really seem to like the bubbling. Most of the ones which are left (the tetras -- both types, and the algae eater) are all very active and chasing each other about. So this weekend we'll go look for a bubbler for the tank. I think that'll make them happier in the long run. We hadn't though we needed one because its a smaller tank.

The fish are still a really peaceful thing. Dani likes to watch the fish and play while she is in bed, before she goes to sleep. She loves them. And I'm glad they make her so happy.

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