February 01, 2003
Have you Seen Signs?

Okay, its not a complete and full review. Not yet, anway. Perhaps I'll update a little later, when its over. I'm only about an hour into it.

But there's something here that's bugging me. Can anyone explain to me exactly the relationship between Mel Gibson's character and the kids and his faith?? They keep calling him Father, and the pictures show him clearly wearing a Catholic priest's collar. This is reinforced by Tracy asking him to hear her confession. However, the implication is that these are truly his kids, and that his wife was killed, and that he only left the church when his wife was killed. But if he's a Catholic priest, he wouldn't have been married with kids.

It's bugging me. I like the movie so far, even though it's got a slow pace. But the religious thing is bugging me. I may not be Catholic. I may not be even Christian. But when people do religion, in the real world, I want it to be consistent. I *like* comparative religion, and I like stories about faith.

So, any takers out there? Wanna tell me something I missed? I have read a review of the movie that says it is also a story about faith, so maybe there's something still coming, too. But right now, it's just bugging me as an inconsistency, and unusual for Shyamalan's work.

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