February 02, 2003
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I didn't finish up last night -- let it gel some more in my head overnight.

[Moving this to more for spoiler space.]

This morning I saw Julia's comment about Episcopal priests -- are they called Father? *curious look* I hadn't realized there was a non-Catholic religion that did have priests as well, and the collars. I had honestly thought that was unique to Catholicism, which was what was confusing me. But if there is a religion with the collars, and the Father, and the marriage, then I'm cool. Although I think it would've been good to make that statement somewhere in the film since I think Catholicism is so often most associated with the collar (at least in my experience).

And of course, now I'm thinking it's time to go read some about the Episcopal faith. Since it's one I'm lacking knowledge in. *smiles*

I came up with some things I really liked about Signs, but most of them are acting or characterization. I loved the girl with the water. That is just so *true* about some girls. I remember I used to be like that -- I wouldn't drink water that had been sitting out. I even remember saying "it tastes old", so I was laughing every time she did it.

I liked the acting, but then, I generally do like Mel Gibson. I thought the kids were pretty good.

But overall, it felt slow, and it felt unresearched. I've had one comment about the fact that our world is covered in the aliens' greatest weakness. That was also what my husband said when it came up -- why the hell would the aliens *want* a planet covered with water when it can kill them? I can come up with at least one reason, I suppose -- to control the supply so that it cannot be used against them. But that still felt wrong, still fell way too simple. It made the ending taste funny.

I did like the concept of fate, that things happen for a reason. That nothing is coincidence and you must have faith and accept that things will work out. I like that, because it is very much my attitude, when I can manage to maintain it -- I try to look for the good in things, no matter how dark they see. Why? Well, if I dwell on the darkness, I can't bear it. If I look for what it means in the grander picture, then I can get on with my life and perhaps relax and even improve. And that is good.

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