February 05, 2003
Guardian Angels?

I believe in Guardian Angels.

Yeah, I know, not the Christian. We all know that I'm pagan. And pagans don't have angels, right? But well, it's a good term to explain the concept. The idea that there is someone, or something out there, watching over us. Something that makes things become more than merely coincidence.

There have been too many things in my life which could have been horrific, but instead have been mitigated somehow by chance. Times when I should have been in a horrible accident, but something little got in the way, slowing me down, so that I wasn't in the right place at the wrong time.

This morning a friend of mine fell down the stairs. Normally she would've been carrying her daughter... every morning she does that... it's a routine. But this morning she just felt she had to leave her daughter with her husband instead. She slipped on the first step and fell down. If she'd been carrying the baby who knows what would've happened. Instead, everyone's fine.

Like someone said "put the baby down".

Like I said, a guardian angel. They aren't always around. But thank the gods that sometimes they are.

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