February 08, 2003
Kitchens & remodeling

We went to the home show today.

We're looking critically at kitchen things. What could we do to the kitchen we have? Where could we move, and if we did, what would the kitchen be there? Yes, kitchen is important.

If we had the arrangement we're considering, we'd even start entertaining again.

One thing we have agreed on -- professional cooktop, probably 48 inches, with 5-6 burners and a grill. Gas if we move, electric if we're here. The idea of gas is just SO cool. We're comparison shopping now for style.

I want a double wall oven, too. So far, I think we're talking a good $5k in just cooktop and oven. *groans* We'll be in debt for bloody ever. But damn, we'd have a rockin' place to cook. *grins*

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