February 12, 2003
Stress Reaction

It's official, I'm way too stressed. Just had my dr.s appointment -- have one every other month to monitor blood pressure. And that part was great! Among the best it's been. So even with the stress, I'm keeping the pressure down somehow. Good news.

But the bad news? My weight's among the worst it's been. *groans* I gained more weight in two months than I can reasonably expect to *lose* if I adhere obsessively to Weight Watchers. I'm out of control on the stress reactions, and I can't seem to get it *under* control. I think I need hyopnosis or something.

I'm used to chew pens. When I get stressed, I need to chew or munch. But my new pens are not exactly chewable. So I've bought gum (I like bubblegum but can't seem to find *good* sugarfree bubblegum) and lifesavers. All things which are either minimal or free in points. Eating a lot of popcorn again, too.

Fact is, I need to lose wait. And I can't get to the gym easily right now, so it's going to have to be diet. Which means I've gotta get myself under control.


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