February 27, 2003
Baby Speak

My son is speaking. Not just the occassional word, parceled out and then never said again where someone else can hear him. But he truly is trying to communicate, all of a sudden.

Last night Ryan said HUG! He put his little arms around me saying HUG! as he hugged me, over and over again. It was adorable.

Today when I picked him up he ran to the door and yelled "Mommy byebye!" His words are still indistinct, but they are becoming more and more distinct and understandable. Far from perfect, but then, he's only 15 months old. The important thing is, he's starting to communicate in more than merely yells of frustration.

It's adorable. It's amazing. I thought I wouldn't be impressed by it as much the second time around.

I was wrong.

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