February 28, 2003
Trying New Foods

We ended up going out after work today, directly to the mall without stopping at home for the diaper bag. Kevin grabbed a couple of diapers for Ryan when he picked him up. And off we went.

So there we were, sitting in Friendly's restaurant for dinner. No sippy cup. No bib for Ryan.

The first fun was the drink. Dani got a cup of chocolate milk, with a straw. Ryan tried the straw. Couldn't figure out how to suck on it to get milk out and got annoyed. And he REALLY wanted that chocolate milk. So we had them bring out an empty cup and we poured a teeny tiny little bit of milk into it. Kevin tried to show him how to drink it. Ry almost got it, sipping a little of it pretty messily. Then Ry got frustrated, so he reached into the cup with his little hand and tried to pick the milk up between two fingertips.

It was cute.

He tried two new foods tonight -- ketchup, and barbecue sauce. He tried to pick the ketchup up with his fingertips too. By the time he got the barbecue sauce he figured out how to dip (or dredge) fries in it.

He would soak the fry in barbecue sauce and then shove it into his mouth as if he couldn't get it there fast enough. He made a face, like the lemon face, as soon as he tasted it, but then he chewed and just had to have another one. And he kept doing this, over and over again. Now I'm sure, at Boskone, when we gave him the lemon, I did see him eat it. With a screwed up little unpleasant look on his face the whole time, but he ate it. He apparently likes the strong tastes. A lot. He tried to wipe up all the barbecue sauce from the plate.

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