March 06, 2003
One of Those Days

I think I need a category for RANT.

Y'all must be thinking I am an intensely negative person. I admit, I'm starting to FEEL like I'm an intensively negative person. It's all I talk about, all I can focus on. It seems like things are on such a downward spiral that I can't focus on the good things.

Today it is snowing -- blindingly -- outside my window. I hate the thought of driving home in it. Things have just been going wrong all day.

I walked in, already irritable about something which had come up last night. People trying to push a business process into IT where it doesn't belong. I needed to talk to Chad, and when I caught him, he agreed and was already working on it. There. I tried to release all that negative energy, let it go and come back up out of the hole I was sinking into. Afer all, things would be going right again, right?


There were just problems after problems. Little things. Big things. And then the collossal thing that well, pretty much just ruined my reputation with anyone who matters at work. I overlooked a detail, made a big mistake, and people are mad. The error was fixed within 20 minutes of me knowing about it. That's not the issue. The issue is that it happened.

So I'm just feeling again like the world is sitting on me and not letting me breathe. I'm looking forward desperately to Ambercon, just because I get to get away. I need away right now. Hells, just staying home and writing all day and playing with my kids on a day when I didn't have any responsibility to the house either would be nice. *sighs*

Hmph, that reminds me. I should be looking for either a lift to ACUS or someone who needs a ride. One of these years I should start flying to the con. It'd be simpler in some ways.

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