March 06, 2003
Fortune Cookie

I like to keep fortune cookie fortunes that entertain or amuse me with their aptness. Recently I got "You will take a chance on something in the near future." and it arrived the week I was finishing up "Metamorphosis" to send out. So I keep it taped to the inside of my laptop to remind me to take risks and send out my manuscripts and trust that maybe, just maybe, I really can write and there are editors out there who will think so too.

Another one I have kept is "You emerge victorious from the maze you've been traveling in."

I keep looking at that one today. It came at a time when things were coming together with the reorganization of AppDev and the hiring of the new manager and me hopefully moving into my new position as a Business Analyst and really being able to focus my priorities. The fortune has become a touchstone that that WILL happen. I WILL get out of the maze and find my way again.

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