March 06, 2003
Novel Madness

Well, I've decided to be really silly. I've got three slots on the workshop. Should I use all of them? Well, I suppose that's a matter for debate. I'm critiquing as fast as I bloody well can. But it's not like I'm a speed critter, so maybe I shouldn't be posting too fast. But then, I'm not a speed poster, either.

Right now, I'm using one slot for short stories. I've got the revs of Grey going up as well. And last night I started a new novel -- Dreamwalker -- which will be taking up the third slot. I think it's probably nuts to put up two different novels at once. But they are completely different styles, and I suspect they'll get very different readers. At least, I hope they will. It might split my crits. I honestly don't care. I'll just keep rotating through, and keep the synopses up to date, and it'll be okay. So it's insane, but I'm going to go for it. Hopefully it'll help keep me revved on writing Dreamwalker as well.

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