March 11, 2003
I guess it's productive

Well, let's see. Today I've answered a few emails (going to answer more). Wrote two crits. Joined a crit marathon to try and get myself to do one a day during the month of April (THAT is insane, I am sure, but well, if I fall behind, I've only myself to blame). Rejoined Weight Watchers and held to my points, even banking one for later (I never really use those banked points). I'm hoping to do some writing on Dreamwalker in a bit, because I'm not in the mood to do revision work on Grey. A part of me is thinking about doing some real serious revisions on how Grey works, how it is put together. Like shifting the scenes around entirely. I need to scope that out. Which means taking a night totally away from the TV and family and just escaping upstairs to DO it. It's the only way that'll get done is if I focus on nothing but.

Things started to shake out at work today... organizational announcements have been made to IT. The new Mgr of AppDev starts next Thursday, so one week for me to prepare, both the list of things to transfer to him and for me, mentally. It's already a rollercoaster ride. I find work very draining, but then again, it will pass. Life goes on. There's my mantra.

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