March 18, 2003
Short Break

Took a nice, short break today. Walked down to Subway and took a folder with some work to crit in it. Had a sub, some baked chips, and relaxed while finishing up the one crit I was working on, and then doing the next chapter of that same novel. Well, doing the second passes. I still have the third to go when I type them up tonight.

Critting is time intensive, but strangely relaxing. I do three passes for each story/chapter. On the first I just read, and circle anything that jumps out at me as either REALLY noticably good or bad. Second read is deeper and MUCH slower -- doing recommendations and more in depth comments on character or flow. Third pass is when I go into the version I saved and start quoting and typing up my comments and trying to put my scattered thoughts into vocabulary that makes sense, gets the point across, and is still somehow tactful (and we all know tact is SO much my strong suit, right? *laughs*). In the end, it seems to work.

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